the OVATION Aurora Forecast Model underneath is based on current solar wind conditions and shows the intensity and location of the aurora predicted for the time shown at the top of the map
hemispheric power stronger than 12 GW generally results in naked eye visible auroras within the 68th and 69th parallel Arctic regions (Narvik/Abisko/Tromsø)

estimated planetary K-Index

the graph underneath shows Kp index registered during the past two days together with the estimated values for the next three hours


  • Kp 0 - Quiet: aurora not visible to the naked eye

  • Kp 1 - Quiet: faint steady aurora arches, colours not detectable by the unaied eye

  • Kp 2 - Visible – the aurora becomes brighter and more dynamic

  • Kp 3 - Unsettled – bright auroras visible at zenith, perceptible colours

  • Kp 4- Active – bright, constant and dynamic northern lights

  • Kp 5 - Minor storm – bright, constant and colourful aurora display, red and purple colours may appear

  • Kp 6 - Moderate storm – great and colourful auroras with very likely coronas

  • Kp 7 - Strong storm – great and colourful auroras with coronas. possible displays at southern latitudes

  • Kp 8 - Severe storm – amazing aurora shows with  dancing, very bright colorful aurora coronas

  • Kp 9 - Intense storm – extremely rare,  aurora clearly visible at much lower latitudes (as far as 50° latitude)

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